A Poem on Sobriety

Nearly four months sober now,

So where do I start?!.

I lost almost everything in drink, but never my spark.


It was dulled and dimmed,

Almost choked out as an ember.

I drank not to think, feel or to remember.


Constant feeling’s of not belonging,

Or ever being enough..

In drink I was just simply existing,

Through time’s that had always seemed too tough.


Change finally happened when I wanted off, this all consuming carousel.

Change had always been within me, brought out by talking to the right people, and feeling safe in their counsel.


Now this ember has seen it’s own light.

It burns brighter now, even out of the blackest of night.


I know now, this little ember had always been there,

It just needed nurturing, with love, kindness and self-care.


If I can do it, then you can too.

Always look after your own spark…

As there will only ever be… one you…


– by Stefanie Brown

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