The Venetia Anne Wrigley

North Yorkshire Horizons were invited to the very first award event for The Venetia Anne Wrigley (Heart of North Yorkshire Award 2023).

Venetia Anne Wrigley was the former High Sheriff of York who advocated for our service and showed a very keen, understanding, and passionate interest in the support NYH provide in our local communities.

The event was to thank Venetia for all her wonderful support she has offered to local charities in North Yorkshire and York. And the impact they have working with people in their community.

Venetia has attended some of the hubs in North Yorkshire and has presented 3 High Sheriff awards to 3 staff members at the Scarborough hub for going above and beyond their roles during COVID.

The award was presented to the whole of the North Yorkshire Horizons team.

Sam Thomson, lead practitioner at the Selby hub represented North Yorkshire Horizons at the event.

Sam was honoured and proud in receiving the award from Venetia for all the extraordinary dedication and commitment staff members across the region have shown to all people accessing the services.

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