My thinking changed at Horizons says Stephen

Stephen Whitehead talks about his experience at the Scarborough Hub.

“I was extremely reclusive, addicted to cannabis on a 24 hour basis. Financial­ly very insecure, extremely depressed, anxious and occasionally having suicidal thoughts. I was advised by FirstLight Trust to go to North Yorkshire Horizons due to my being a veteran of the Royal Air Force. I found that dur­ing my time at Horizons, my thinking changed and I gained the determination needed to move forward with my life.

“I was referred to Zoe at the ATI team and she is helping me to access training to be a Support Worker. I have now been abstinent from cannabis use for the last four weeks. My mental and physical health has turned around and mas­sively improved as a result.

“Zoe has also referred me for counselling for my mental health and I now have the tools in place to keep me safe. I would recommend North Yorkshire Horizons because it has given my life back again and as a musician. It’s given me the focus for my song writing, enabling me to help others. Onwards and upwards is my motto now!”

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