Breaking Free app provides real, online support 24/7

Nearly 400 people who use the North Yorkshire Horizons service have been getting additional on­line support with the new Breaking Free app.

Yvonne Gilling, at our Scarborough hub, said: “It’s free to people who use our service and it’s really clever. It can be programmed to alert you if you’re in a high-risk area, such as places where drugs or alcohol have been bought in the past. It will then remind the account holder what they have decided to do when these circumstances arise.”

Breaking Free also offers mindfulness sessions on the app which can be used away from the internet. These short meditations can help find peace and calm.

Yvonne said: “This is a support system that is available, 24/7. It’s also totally confiden­tial.

“You put in your information – your own triggers, and then it works for you.”

She said it can help mo­tivate people to continue succeeding when times are hard, and it will help to track and record all the hard work that you put in to your recovery.

“It really seems to help because you can see how you’re doing and see reminders about what you should do if you can feel under pressure.”

Yvonne said: “It offers an opportunity to have the extra support they deserve to recover.

If you’re interested, ask your Recovery Worker about Breaking Free. They will explain it to you and show you how to log on and get it working for you. You can read about a service user’s experiences of using the Breaking Free app here.

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