My family are proud of me

“I was on drugs and it was horrible being on it, I was struggling and because I’m from Kent, I moved up here and I found Horizons and they helped me and it;s done a lot of good for me because I am now clean and I am now, I’ve got a lot of voluntary work and stuff like that. It has done an amazing job. where I used to live there was no support. They always gave up on you if you relapsed. Here, with Horizons, they don’t, you know, they’ll help you every time you relapse and support you in any way. You’ve got all these groups that you can go to, the caffs, and things like that.

“They’re sympathetic, they’re very supportive, they make you feel welcome and comfortable, they won’t push you away, they’ll sit and listen and everything else, you know they’re there to help and I would recommend it as a place for people to go in and get help and I trust them.”

What’s the reaction been from your family and friends?

“They’re over the moon, they’re happy with me. They’re very proud of me. They think Horizons are the best place to get help…. Yeah!”

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