Horizons workers spring into action with naloxone life saver


Workers at North Yorkshire Horizons’ Selby hub sprang into action to quickly administer life-saving naloxone to a client who collapsed in a nearby pharmacy.

After receiving a phone call, a team including clinician Emma Newlove, and three workers ran across the road to a pharmacy 100m away in Gowthorpe, Selby.

Emma said: “Staff were able to access emergency equipment quickly and was with the collapsed individual within two minutes of the alert.

“On entering the room client was slumped in a chair with head slumped forward partially occluding the airway.

“The client was immediately placed on the floor and assessment of airways, breathing and circulation was completed. Breathing was assessed to be shallow and erratic, pulse was present but weak.”


She explained oxygen was applied at 15l/min and the first dose of Naloxone issued. Preparation was made to commence CPR if it were to be required.

The first dose helped stabilise breathing and pulse became stronger. However, the client remained unresponsive for a further two doses. The person was therefore kept in the recovery position with continuous monitoring of vital signs.

Only on the fourth dose of Naloxone did the person become responsive and in active withdrawal. At this point, said Emma, paramedics arrived and took the client to hospital.

Sam Thomson, Selby hub manager, said: “The response from the team was fantastic and showed great team work from all staff.

“This intervention confirms the importance of having naloxone training. All the service users are encouraged to be trained on administering naloxone and having a naloxone kit issued to them.

“This intervention by staff has demonstrated the importance of being trained –  naloxone  saves lives.”

Emma said: “Within this episode of care there was one clinician and three non-clinicians.

“Praise can only be given to the non-clinicians who remained calm and executed excellent emergency care with the support from myself.”

And she added: “Well done Team Selby!  Debrief was completed once back in the hub.”

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