Kits for homeless handed out at hub

Staff at the Selby hub have joined with a local homelessness charity to provide tents, sleeping bags, warm clothing and toiletries to clients in immediate need.

Lead Practitioner at the hub, Sam Thomson, said of the partnership with Sleepsafe Selby: “Client feedback shows they feel that they are being supported to keep warm and feel safer in a tent, rather than sleeping in the open. They can stay in the area where their support network is until more suitable accommodation is found.”

Sam said: “Tracey from Sleepsafe kindly brings kits to keep in the hub. “It means we can offer them to clients, who do not have a roof over their heads. We are aware that this is a temporary measure. But it’s proven valuable to some of our most vulnerable clients.”

Four kits have been issued since January. Pictured on page one, Tracey Romaine, of Sleepsafe Selby and Sam with Sleepsafe kits.

Tracey said: “Sleepsafe are proud to work alongside Horizons in Selby, providing emergency packs to give to any of their clients facing homelessness .

“We understand that sometimes addiction and homelessness go together and how important the relationships between Horizons Selby and their clients are.

And she added: “At the moment there are no walk in hostels here in Selby. We understand the importance of clients who need it to stay close by due to them being on a prescription and we are working towards providing better shelter opportunities in the future.”

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