Click and Collect Needle Syringe Provision

Our free needle syringe click and collect scheme provides people who inject drugs access to sterile needles, and syringes as well as ensuring the safe disposal of used equipment.

We provide this service to help our clients to protect their health, and to reduce the risk of passing on infections to others.

This service is not just for people who inject heroin, crack or amphetamine. The service is also for people who use or are about to start using:

  • steroids or other performance or image enhancing drugs
  • psychoactive compounds, chemicals, plants or medicines
  • methamphetamine, ketamine or medicines

Click & collect – How it works

Equipment is supplied and delivered (free of charge) via Orion, North Yorkshire Hoizon’s (NYH) current Needle Syringe Provision (NSP) provider.

As a client, you simply need to place your syringe order online and delivery is scheduled at your nearest NYH site and the then we will contact you to arrange for a suitable time for you to then collect.

Please complete the online form with some information about yourself and the injecting equipment you would like to order.

Once the order is submitted the products will be delivered to your chosen Hub within 2 working days.

Begin your click and collect order here.

Watch a short video with help and advice on how to complete the online ordering form