I’ve been supported in many ways

My history of issues with alcohol go back a long way. my background is I lived in London for a number of years as a teacher and started drinking quite heavily whilst I was working down there to the extent that I lost my job and my marriage finished so I came back to York initially and lived with my mum and the issues with alcohol continued.

I had long periods of time drinking heavily. Yes, so I made the decision to move to Scarborough and knew that I needed some support, a lot of support in terms of stopping drinking so I sought out Horizons here. I came for an initial meeting which was very beneficial.

The support was very quick to come I would say. I wasn’t left hanging around for a long period of time. I think within a week of me making contact with Horizons , I had my initial meeting, assessment meeting and they saw that I had a key worker who has been very, very  support. There’s a sense of a holistic approach here. There is a sense of real team work and comradeship, between the the staff and the clients and also amongst the clients themselves.

I’ve been supported in many ways. It’ s helped me focus on a week to week, looking at the  week ahead between meetings with my key worker, planning the week ahead, making sure I can use my time in a meaningful way and a positive way. Reflecting on many issues  that I have and worries that I have and easing those a little bit. Also the medical facilities  I found very supportive. the nursing team…
Q. What would you say to others who need help?

I would urge them to pick up the phone, get in touch and move forward with Horizons, yes!

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