What We Offer

We provide a tailored support programme to help you on your recovery journey.

Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to provide an initial assessment. You’ll then get a key worker who will support you through your treatment and help you develop a Recovery Plan, built around you and your circumstances.

We provide structured one-to-one support, structured group therapy, a health and wellbeing check including health screenings, blood testing and vaccinations. We also provide therapeutic interventions to help you achieve a balanced approach to life as well as support to family members who can become involved in your recovery should you wish for them to be included. We also provide substitute medication where appropriate and provide detox support at either rehab centres or in the community (the choice is yours). Finally, our peer mentor/volunteer support mechanism is provided to give additional support on the road to recovery.

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We actively encourage everyone who works with us to take ownership over their recovery plan to make sure it’s right for each individual, giving you the best chance at a successful recovery.

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If you experience any issues with the service we provide and would like a copy of the North Yorkshire Horizons Complaints Policy to help you move forward, you can download the document below.

Complaints Policy NYH12 V1.1 May 18

Early Intervention & Prevention

We provide support for people going through the criminal justice system, injecting drug users and those that use drugs other than heroin. We provide guidance for people using New Psychoactive Substances (‘legal highs’), ‘club drugs’, cannabis and steroids. We can also provide sterile injecting equipment through local pharmacies, the hubs and other local venues. Assessment and support for people in police custody can also be provided, alongside resettlement support for people released from prison.


Our treatment team provides medications and clinical treatment for service users, as well as short and long term detoxification programs for people both drugs and alcohol, wellbeing screens, vaccinations and blood- borne virus testing.

We will provide support to service users whilst they are going through detoxes, including helping them get the correct help for long term conditions such as asthma and diabetes. The team also extends their support to families, friends and carers, and will always try to provide service users with care closer to their home, including working from and providing clinics at local GP surgeries.


Your treatment and recovery journey will be supported in a number of ways. Recovery support continues after you have completed your treatment goals. Our recovery and mentoring workers can continue to support you in the community to maintain the changes you have made. You will be invited to become part of your local recovery group where you can meet others on their journey. We will support you to find opportunities for training employment, education and voluntary work. Peer Mentors/ volunteers are also on hand to offer additional support on your road to recovery.

Working with North Yorkshire Horizons

Working for North Yorkshire Horizons, either as a member of staff or in a volunteering capacity, is a rewarding experience. As an organisation, we regard staff training and development as integral to the success of the service, and we ensure that every member of staff and volunteer has the opportunity to develop their skills.


There are a number of opportunities to volunteer and work within the North Yorkshire Horizons service. We also welcome suggestions for new volunteering opportunities that aren’t currently available – please discuss any ideas with a member of staff.


In the future, it may be possible to look at volunteering to deliver holistic therapies within the service, dependent on the appropriate safeguards put in place.


If you’d like to know more information about working for us, in a paid-for or volunteer role, please click on the careers link at the bottom of the page.

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