Criminal justice worker Laura

Criminal Justice and Open Access and Assessment Worker

Laura  works at Harrogate

Criminal Justice and Open Access and Assessment Worker“My name is Laura I’m 27 years old and I live in York with my partner and best bud, my five year old Labrador Benji! My hobbies and interests include walking, swimming and cycling alongside spending time with friends and family. I’ve always had a deep rooted passion and interest for working within substance misuse and I was fortunate enough to be offered my first position when leaving university almost 5 years ago.

“I’ve been working with North Yorkshire Horizons since it was established 18 months ago.

“One of the things I love most about my job is the diversity it offers. As a criminal justice worker, my day will start off with a visit to the cells offering support to help people access services and treatment. I liaise with probation, prisons and the police on a day to day basis often working with people to help reduce their substance use, breaking the vicious cycle that finds them back in the criminal justice system. Its fast paced, challenging, yet incredibly rewarding.

“The other part of my role is equally rewarding, I work with individuals as they first access treatment, be this providing harm reduction advice and access to sterile equipment or the start of an individual recovery journey. From assessment, you’re often the first face someone sees when they come into treatment, it’s my responsibility to put that person at ease whilst accessing their individual needs and goals supporting them to put plans in place to make positive changes.

“Both parts my role involve managing a case load of clients, I work with a number of professionals including nurses, GPs, mental health practitioners and social workers in order to provide support in more holistic approach. Il support clients with aspects of their lives including health and lifestyle choices, budgeting and support in finding work and training.

“I can honestly say that there are never enough hours in the day! You’ll never be bored. Each day is different and brings a new set of challenges, I’m part of an incredibly supportive team working alongside people with a range of experience and skills means you’re never alone in making tough decisions. Clients can and do make changes and that’s inspirational to see, working together to change their lives and going home knowing you’ve made a difference is truly what it’s all about.”

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