Seeing people become their old selves again is rewarding

I work with people who come into treatment voluntarily to address either their alcohol their drug issue. I meet people normally when they are at quite a low ebb in their life. Not a lot going on apart from chaos and addiction and then I try to give them coping techniques and strategies to help them manage that little bit better.

I work alongside our clinical team to get them prescribed on to substitute medication to try and ease their addiction a little bit and then hopefully get them drug free and reduce them out of but obviously that takes quite a time.

Yes, it is a challenge but it’s also very rewarding because you’re seeing people that are at a low ebb and then you can see them grow and they become their selves again. So they become the person they used to be not their addiction.

I am quite inspired by the people that I work with because you know it’s a challenge for me but it’s an even bigger challenge for them. But they address and they work very hard to maintain their recovery and get to where they’re going and I think it;s an inspiration.

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