Nicky Booth video log, Scarborough hub

On a day to day basis, I oversee the service and all the elements of provision that we deliver. I also have management of a staff of 20 people so I’m just one of those staff members really
behind the service and every team member plays a big part in what we all love to do here.  What makes you so proud of working with your team here?  The team are very dedicated, they’re very
passionate. Ultimately, we want all service to be satisfied with the provision that they receive here and staff will go above and beyond what’s needed to ensure all their needs are catered for. We have got quite a wide range of services that we can deliver to individuals accessing North Yorkshire Horizons.

We have talking therapies, so motivational work, group work, cognitive behaviour therapies, we have mutual aid meetings, we can offer access to prescribing interventions so if clients need medication to assist them in their recovery we can deliver that. Opiate might want medications like methadone or bupro morphine to help them come off heroin.

We can offer alcohol medications for detox, we can also assist people to access inpatient and detox treatment if that’s for their needs. We’ve got a range groups that clients can access and some
of those are mutual aid groups and so we have organisations like alcoholics anonymous narcotics anonymous that will be coming the service to deliver groups to our group.

We also run Smart Recovery meetings another form of mutual aid which is open to and clients will be able to access that here on the premises.

There is a respect isn’t there between clients and professionals here? 

I think clients are very appreciative of what can receive here. We’re giving clients their life back basically by having them come  and access the services here and that’ s what makes the job so rewarding for the team. It challenges but those rewards are amazing.

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