New facilities will mean clients are more comfortable accessing our service

We have just undergone quite an extensive programme of refurbishment here at the Scarborough premises.

And we now have an entire new floor with improved facilities so that includes an additional five one-to-one rooms for seeing clients on a confidential basis.

They’re much more appealing, they’re more comfortable, clients can be relaxed when they’re in their sessions and talking to staff members.

We have also got a service user kitchen so they have got facilities for refreshments, having some activities such as breakfast clubs, there’s a lounge area where clients can be more relaxed, There’s sofas… They can have activities in groups in there.

Improved needle exchange

And we also have a meeting and training room. We can do groups like smart recovery and mutual aid groups. We can have outside agencies come in and deliver drop ins in groups because we have got a larger space to facilitate that now.

We also have a new larger improved needle exchange which is much more fit for purpose that the current facilities that we’ve been using. It will allow clients to access service from the back door and that makes it more discreet. They will feel more comfortable accessing that element of the service.

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