Beth, Criminal Justice Worker, Scarborough

So a lot of clients will be met on the day of release from prison and we will address  their substance misuse issues  following them through their journey in the community. So the desire for all of the clients is that they will I am passionate about is helping  people to understand that their past behaviour and their past activity doesn’t have to define what their future is going to be.

It is looking at why they might use substances. A lot of the time it is related to past trauma or past abuse and kind of covering up those thoughts  and feelings but we’re able to look at those in more detail, finding alternative coping  mechanisms is important.

Looking at triggers and what’s triggered their either offending behaviour for substance misuse behaviour and how the two are linked together. Helping them to look at thoughts and feelings and behaviours that are unhelpful and replacing them with positive behaviours.

I think with criminal justice, it’s looking a lot at the revolving prison door and people coming in and out of prison all the time and putting an end to that cycle and showing them that they have got more potential to reach more fulfillment in a drug free environment in the community.

It reduces the amount that is going to have to be spent on each individual financially for the community, with these clients coming in and out of prison all the time and helping them to live a life that is different to what might have previously led.

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