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Sept to Dec 2017 statistical snapshot

•Waiting times lower than national average for all substances other than non-opiates.
•Proportion in treatment who were retained for 12 weeks or more or completed treatment within 12 weeks – above national average for opiate and alcohol and non-opiate.
•Non opiate clients working 10 or more days at exit TOPS NYH 17% higher than national average. Also higher than national average for unpaid structured work and volunteering.
•NYH penetration rates for alcohol users above national average
•Above national averages for all 4 substance groupings in relation to 12 week retention rates and unplanned exits/transfers
•Time in treatment for opiate clients in treatment-below national average for opiate users in treatment over 6 years
•Clients with no record of a HCV test as a proportion of all clients in treatment – 4.9% lower than national average for all in treatment and 7% lower than national average for new presentations.
•Proportion of the treatment population in contact with the criminal justice system- opiates below national average
•The proportion of referrals that go on to have a triage or new intervention in structured treatment. Looking at referrals from (a) the community criminal justice system to community treatment – NYH is 38.8% above national average.

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