Manager Craig speaks about the service

North Yorkshire Horizons’ Northallerton hub manager, Craig Bosomworth speaks about the service

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Craig Bosomworth“This is Northallerton hub of the North Yorkshire Horizons substance misuse service. And for people who don’t know it, it covers a thousand square miles across Hambleton and Richmond.

“We offer Substance misuse services across that patch. that includes a variety of one to one work, group work, and also supporting people along their recovery journey, so aftercare support as well. and to do that we kind of have to be fairly flexible about trying to outreach clients across a wide area.

“Public transport is a big issue for clients, so we have clinics in Richmond, Catterick Garrison, Thirsk, Easingwold, Great Ayton and Northallerton so once somebody has contacted the service and we look at whereabouts they live and hows they can access there service, we will point them to the nearest service where they can access once of the case managers so its easier for them to engage in the service so it;s not a difficult journey to get here and once they are in that service then we really look at what their goals are and try and kind of look holistically at how we can support them to achieve those goals.

“Everybody here is really passionate about seeing people get into recovery. And that’s what drives us forward and we’re lucky enough in this hub to see that regularly, support service users into recovery and support them back into mainstream life, into employment, education, rebuilding relationships with the family so that happens regularly and the staff are really encouraged by that and motivated by that so I would say that the ethos is really about helping people change their lives and getting things back on track.”



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