Two clients who are partners were tested positive for Hepatitis C

By DISC North Yorkshire Horizons worker, Sam Thomson.

Two clients who are partners were tested positive for Hepatitis  C, approximately. two years ago. Support for hep c treatment has been ongoing with the clients during this time. There were barriers were fear of treatment location of hep c treatment and accessing hep c treatment.

Working closely with the Hep c clinic in York and  a hep c clinic in Selby helped to break down the problem of our service users  accessing treatment. However, barriers still remained regards fear and supporting to the first appointment  for a scan which was is York.

Work was done with clients on what to expect through treatment and lots of information was given to the clients post-treatment.

Both clients have different workers and both workers were given permission to take the clients to appointments before and during treatment. This gave an opportunity for the clients to access treatment and for the support to be shared with the workers.

With close liaison with the hep c nurse, appointments were made for the clients to attend after one another. This meant the couple jsut needed to take one journey to the clinic together to get their individual treatment. .

The clients are currently in treatment and the hep c is being treated. Joint appointments with both workers and clients to support with aftercare have been planned. Both clients are pleased with the outcome and feel that they can move forward without the worry of having hep c. A notice has been made in both the physical and mental health of the clients by the workers and other members of the staff.

In a statement, they said: “Fantastic service – lots of support –  feeling much healthier already. Treatment had no side affects which was what I was worried about. Thank you.”

North Yorkshire Horizons worker, Sam Thomson, said: “It’s important to see the positive impact on  clients both physical and mental well being in accessing and receiving treatment for hep c in the community. It was also important to liaise closely with hep c nurses and staff and understand the importance and effectiveness of this treatment and how it can change people’s lives.

“I have arranged  to shadow the hep c team in York to find out more about hep c treatment. I am accessing a hep c course and I am reading a lot of information about hep c, and hep c treatment. I have put to my senior practitioner during supervision to be the hep c lead in Selby. She is fully supportive of this. I am hoping that this will continue to improve and maintain community hep c intervention and treatment to all Selby clients and to improve my personal development.”

Dawn Orange,  hep c nurse, said: “Fantastic joint up approach to support clients into treatment”

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