Recovery Coordinator Leanne

Recovery Coordinator Leanne

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Recovery Coordinator

Recovery Coordinator

“I’m 29 years old, and live at home with my partner and dog. I enjoy watching films, going for walks and swimming (when I can!).

“I first became interested in this field of work whilst volunteering for a drug treatment service in Leeds city centre.

“My job role involves managing a caseload of clients who have problems with drugs and alcohol. I support those individuals to access treatment for their addiction and make positive changes in their lives.

“I do joint work with a number of other professionals to best support my clients. These include nurses, GP’s, social workers and mental health practitioners, to enable me to provide a holistic approach and wrap-around support.

“Every day is different, and often a challenge.”

“I also provide social support to my clients. This can involve assisting with appointments, attending college open days and providing advice and guidance around education and employment opportunities.

“What I enjoy about my role – that every day is different, and often a challenge. No two days are the same! I also enjoy watching people grow and develop as individuals, the journey to recovery and making positive steps together is a really rewarding aspect of this job. Also, the team who I work with are all amazing at what they do, and really supportive of each other.”

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