Using NLP and detox service to recover from addiction

Long term substance misuse, using NLP and detox service to recover from addiction.

Service User has been using illegal substances since her late teens when she got in to a relationship with a dealer. She had been working with the Harrogate drug service for a couple of years before I joined the team and took over as her key worker in 2012.

SU was frequently using heroin, benzodiazepines and alcohol, although tried to uphold the pretence that she was in recovery and occasionally attended NA.

The service user had previously completed a peer mentor qualification and had issues with those she qualified with who had gone on to find employment within the drug service.

The service user engaged well with the NLP work (Neuro Linguistic Programming) where we looked at the metaphors she uses for her drug use ‘Climbing Mountains’ and mindfulness as a way of coping.

Over the last 12 months I had noticed a steady change in the service user, she found employment and has changed her friendship groups. In the last 6 months her whole social situation had changed. Her time away from work was spent shopping with friends, going out for coffee. She began to build bridges with family members. The biggest change was that the pretence had gone. There was a quiet confidence. The burning desire to become a peer mentor had gone, she had become tired of fighting to become a figure head of drug services, and instead she just wanted to be with friends.

A previous issue we had worked on was that she struggled to be alone and would jump from relationship to relationship. During this last year she has been comfortable in her own company. The service user asked me about the possibility of an inpatient detox. The SU was keen to put her case across and took the application for home to complete after we had gone through each section in our key work session.

In September 2015 she spent 21 nights with Bradford TTP and completed an inpatient detox and has now successfully discharged from treatment. She plans to continue with NA but feels that she needs time away from drug treatment services

Service User Ref. KA260379

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