Alcohol Awareness Week promoted by NYH

As part of Alcohol Awareness Week 2018, Vicky Johnson from the R&M team delivered a local event aimed at raising awareness of alcohol related issues as part of the plan to promote alcohol awareness across the area.

The event was arranged via Skipton’s Job Centre. Vicky and her NYH colleague Amanda Lowe provided advice and guidance on alcohol awareness. The Job Centre staff were also on hand to provide information on the financial support available to clients who access North Yorkshire Horizon’s services.

Ten people expressed an interest in getting more information, and one person underwent an initial triage offered to begin access to treatment, with others considering getting help for themselves or friends and family

Amanda was delighted with the response from the public. She said: “Alcohol can have an adverse effect on the individual, their families, friends and society as a whole.  Today’s event was aimed at increasing awareness, reducing stigma and barriers and to promote the service.

“The job centre where keen to support the event and those individuals who have struggled because of alcohol use.”

Amanda also attending the CSSG meeting at Craven to promote alcohol awareness, providing information regarding alcohol misuse, local trends, services available and how to refer to our organisation.  Leaflets where provided for all in attendance and was well received by the multi-agency meeting.

If you would like to receive more information on the services provided by North Yorkshire Horizons, please call 01723 330730, or visit

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